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The “Popeye” pizza at Co. Where does it fall on the list?

With the end of the year fast approaching, we thought we’d take a look back at the most popular posts of the year. Here are our ten most viewed posts of 2009, as measured by Google Analytics. Thanks to all of our readers for making this such a great year for our blog!

10 – 8 Hour Pork Butt: “Within the first hour of cooking, the whole apartment was filled with a sweet scent.”

9 – Sunset Park West: “The bread pudding was moist, dense, custardy, creamy, sweet, and truly one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

8 – Behind the Scenes at Sullivan Street Bakery: “No one, I believe now, has more knowledge about both the history and the science of making bread than Jim Lahey.”

7 – Great PBS Cooking Shows From My Youth: “One thing that they all had in common is a passion for good food and good cooking.”

6 – Brighton Beach Eats: “So now I have a food crush on Brighton Beach.”

5 – Lunch Chronicles: “There are tons of food blog coverage for Chelsea and Midtown, like Midtown Lunch but what about Midtown South?”

4 – The Great Food Truck Odyssey: “In the end Howard and I spent about 11 hours, 12 trucks, sore feet but loads of fun.”

3 – DUMBO Eats – Lobster Roll & Mobile Pizza: “Even though I had nothing to compare I’m pretty sure this will be one of the best best best lobster roll I will ever eat.”

2 – Company Pizza: “Let me get this out of the way first: the sign over the building clearly says Company, so I’m not sure why they insist on abbreviating it to ‘Co.’”

And the number one most viewed post of the year is…

1 – Jacques Pepin’s No-Knead Bread: “There’s something primal, almost magical, about creating what has been a staple food for centuries in your kitchen at home.”

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