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Brooklyn is becoming THE destination for barbecue. We have Hometown, BrisketTown, Mighty Quinn, Fletcher’s, Morgan’s, Mable’s, Fette Sau, Arrogant Swine, Dinosaur, Hill Country, The Smoke Joint, Beast of Bourbon, Humo, and Lonestar Empire. And now add Pig Beach, a summer pop-up next to The Green Building in Gowanus, to the list. Pig Beach is a combination of Ribdiculous Bar-B-Krewe (run by Shane McBride of Balthazar) and Salty Rinse BBQ (run by Rob Shawger and Ed McFarland of Ed’s Lobster and Matt Abdoo of Del Posto).

Yeah, you’re probably thinking, hm….the Gowanus. YEP! The Pig Beach is literally right next to the Gowanus Canal, hopefully the smell of barbecue will overcome the funky canal smell during peak summer time. With that aside, the space is spacious and more importantly, the meats are gooooooood!

At the time that I went, the menu had baby back ribs, tri-tip, sausages, smoked turkey, pulled pork, hot dogs, burgers, and 4 sides. I didn’t get any of the sides but I got half rack of ribs ($14) and 1/2 lb of pulled pork ($11), and a Narragansett tall boy ($4). After paying and towards the end of the bar, a guy told me about all the different sauces for the different types of meat they had.

I really liked the pulled pork. It was tasty and had bits of fat. The ribs were OK, a little not as tender as the ones from BrisketTown but still very tasty with a bit of heat. Also, free bread is always a plus!


On the other end of the space is the bar which had beers and cocktails. I didn’t look too closely at the selection but when it’s summertime, all I want is a Narragansett anyways.

I can see myself coming here a lot especially after work. You know, getting off the F/G train at the Carroll stop, walking couple blocks, eat some barbecue, and then walk home.

– Pig Beach is at the Swan Dive bar (right next to The Green Building), 480 Union St. Gowanus

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