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On a cold, windy Winter afternoon I found myself on the Q Train, coming back from a doctor’s appointment. I had only a little time before I had to be at work, so I was debating whether or not it would be worth going back to my apartment (for which I would have to transfer to the R at Atlantic) or just heading to the neighborhood for lunch. On a whim I got off the train at 7th Avenue and Flatbush. My immediate thought was Franny’s. The thought on the heels of that was Bklyn Larder, which is owned by the same people who own Franny’s but which I had never been to.

The sign out front advertised a soup & sandwich combo for $8.50, but when I went inside the only soup they had was pork rib and chickpea. Instead I just got the sandwich, grilled cheese for $6.50. The sandwich was ready pretty fast, but while I waited I perused the store itself. $40 bottles of olive oil and $20 bags of pasta? No thanks (even though the staff was extremely friendly and attentive). I was tempted to buy some of their house-made gelato, but it was so cold and I had to go to work, so I just got the sandwich. The cheese was nice and gooey, but I couldn’t tell you what kind it was (which will probably get me kicked out of the food blogger’s union); the real star was the bread. The multigrain bread was crispy, and the grains had gotten all toasted which gave them great flavor.

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