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Zankou chicken
Seriously am I the last one to blog about this place? I have no idea how much I don’t know about the city that I call home home until I started to call another city my home. Everytime I go back to LA Mo would tell me to go eat at Zankou Chicken. He’s a big fan and so are a lot of the food bloggers that had been to Zankou Chicken.

My friend, Sandy, and I were actually hunting down taco trucks. We were on Colorado Blvd looking for tacos but instead we found Zankou Chicken. I quickly told her to turn around because I had to try it. It was probably not the best thing to do while on the hunt for tacos but I wasn’t sure when I’ll get a chance like that again.

We walked into a not-so-fancy looking place but it sure damn smelled great. Sandy and I decided to just share a 1/4 chicken platter for $6.99 that came with a piece of chicken, hummus, salad and 2 pitas. I stabbed the chicken with the fork and took a bite. The chicken was super tender, flavorful and the skin was crispy. The 2 sides and the pitas were all pretty good too. I can see why people love it. The chicken was so so good, I can eat just the skin forever.

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