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Blueberry pancakes
Donny: How hard is it to find a spot for lunch on a Saturday morning? Pretty damn hard. Our first choice was Buttermilk Channel but Scott found out, by looking at their website, that they don’t serve brunch on Saturdays only Sundays. FINE~~ Our next choice was the newly opened Bread and Butter which my friend told me has FRIED CHICKEN FOR 2!! Sadly again, no brunch for us. They don’t even do brunches yet. Thankfully Scott suggested Kevin’s in Red Hook. Kevin’s specializes in seafood so in their brunch menu there were poached eggs with smoked trout and a hearty seafood stew.

Howard: I was out waaaay too late the night before, but I had the foresight to set my alarm. At 10am it went off, and for a moment I couldn’t remember why I had wanted to wake up so “early”. Then it came back to me: Donny had suggested brunch. At 11am. In Red Hook.

Howard: I know, I have gone on record as being anti-brunch. So why did I care about making it to this one? Well, the one thing I will say in favor of brunch (though if you ask me I’ll deny there’s ANYTHING in favor of brunch) it’s that brunch is a good opportunity to get together with friends.

Donny: That Saturday the weather had dipped all the way down to 12degrees for a high. We were suppose to meet at 11am but as usual I was late, by 15mins. I walked into a tiny place with white walls, chairs and tables. All the tables were pretty close to one another and probably not the best place if you have more than 5 people in your group. At 11:15am only 4 tables were occupied and at noon it was hella packed! And it doesn’t take much to get this place packed. During the whole time we were there, only 1 girl was running the place. She seated people, poured drinks, took orders, and brought the orders for a packed house but not one time did she lose to cool and was super attentive the whole time. When it got really busy another girl did bring out the food and coffee.

Its definitely hard to get away from Stumptown Coffee when you’re in Brooklyn, seems like every place now serves their coffee and Kevin’s was no exception. Also Kevin’s and HQ of Stumptown were practically neighbors on Van Brunt St. Kevin’s served their coffee in tiny personal sized French presses or giant for sharing French presses.
Mini French pressesStumptown coffee

Howard: So I wasn’t quite in my right mind, but I knew I wanted to fill my belly. I was trying to decide between the blueberry pancakes and the omelet when I saw an order of the pancakes go out. They looked so good I knew I had to order them. I also asked for a side of home fries and a fresh orange juice.

Donny: I’m a little embarrassed to say this but what I ordered wasn’t the dish I was GOING to order. I ordered the “Eggs Chesapeake with home fries (a Benedict with crab cake instead of ham)” BUT what I really wanted to order was the “The Adirondack – poached eggs with hollandaise on challah, side of Max Creek
smoked trout and horseradish cream.” I didn’t realized what I had ordered until later and found out that, with the 5 of us at the table, we only ordered 2 different things from the menu. Anh and I both got the Eggs Chesapeake and Tabitha, Howard and Mo all got the Blueberry Pancakes. Oh I also got a cup of corn shrimp chowder.

Howard: The orange juice was served in a champagne flute, which was amusing, but there wasn’t much of it. There never is at brunch, is there? Luckily, the other portions were much bigger.

The pancakes, for example, were enormous. They were light and fluffy, and yet very filling. I ended up eating all of them, which is only a problem because of the home fries I ordered.
blueberry pancakes

These were the best potatoes I’ve ever had at brunch, and I’ll tell you why. They were just potatoes and onions, seasoned with salt and pepper. No green peppers or paprika, just simple potatoes. And I can’t remember a time I’ve gotten home fries in a restaurant that were actually properly seasoned.
home fries

Donny: Look at the cup of corn shrimp chowder, cute eh? I started to drink it but after 2 spoonfuls I was wondering where were the shrimps? Ah they were all at the bottom and they were fresh!
Corn shrimp chowderKevin's

Eggs Chesapeake, just look at that beauty. Perfectly poached eggs, crab cakes!, challah bread and a nice hollandaise sauce. I love crab cakes and these from Kevin’s, I was able to taste the crab meat in them. Man, nothing says HELLO MORNING like a nice plate of eggs benedict eh? I guess in this case, Eggs Chesapeake eh?
Eggs Chesapeake

Howard: So I ended up eating everything. I regretted it afterwards because I almost went into a food coma, but it was all so good. The food certainly helped me through my hangover.

Donny: What makes a great dining experience? Is it just the food, the service, the atmosphere? No, its how that moment made you feel. Obviously everyone’s meaning of perfect dining experience is different. Some might feel the food doesn’t have to be great but the service must be top notch. Or maybe you’re at a burger shack and its just you and a burger. That day, Kevin’s gave me a GREAT dining experience.

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