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Draft Barn
I don’t remember how I found this place but I did thanks to the internet. Beer halls beer halls! We need more beer halls in Park Slope and not in Williamsburg. Whats not to love about beer halls? Endless beer choices and usually good hearty food to go with beers! That usually equates to meat or something deep fried. I rarely go to 3rd Ave in Gowanus for anything, except the occasional shows at the Bell House. And if you’re familiar with “South” Slope you know how much quieter it is after 9th St on any of the avenues. So to have a beer hall on 3rd Ave between 12th and 13th St well, is that good for business?

Howard, Steph, Scott and I went on a Friday night around 7:45pm after catching a gallery opening. We walked into a near empty place with only couple of tables being occupied. Fine with me since I hate crowded place. I have to say, the bartender that was also our waiter was scary lookin. Had a thick Eastern European accent and did not smile one bit the whole night but he was nice, attentive and knew his shitz. You can ask him about all the beers and he will know them all.

So I read that they have over 250 beers…yep sure looked like it. How do you pick what beers to drink? You could ask the bartender. Since, in the menu, it stated what country each beer was from I decided on a country first then narrowed it down to how obscured the name was and then the price. Sorry I’m just not going to pay $46 for a beer. I got a French beer the first time.
Beer menu

FOOD FOOD FOOD! Whenever a menu contains mostly meat products, fried products, little to zero veggie options and hog knuckle it deserves an appropriate chant. FOOD FOOD FOOD! Or MEAT MEAT MEAT!
I got the hog knuckle, homemade cheese and fried croutons to share, Steph and Scott shared a plate of stuffed pork schnitzel with steak fries, Howard got a salad. Few minutes later, after we ordered, the scary bartender came and told me that they’re out of knuckles so I ended up getting the gurka which is finely grounded pork & pork liver, seasoned with a special blend of herbs & spices, mixed with rice and pan fried.

Here’s the plate of housemade cheese and croutons (it was pieces of fried bread, ooohhhh yeeaaaaaahh). It would’ve been nice for the cheese to be cheesier but was so good with the fried croutons. FRIED CROUTONS.
Homemade cheeseFried croutons

The stuffed pork schnitzel
Stuffed pork schtnizel with chips

My plate of rice was really good! It was very flavorful and combined with the sauerkraut yum yum. Though I wished the ground pork and liver were grind up so fine. They could’ve been cheatin’ me with just a plate of rice with spices. But then again I was a bit too tipsy to care at that point.

Draft Barn is one of those places where I wish they do well but not too well to keep the crowd small. Have you been to Radegast Biergarten in Williamsburg? It’s so hard to find a table.
Draft Barn

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