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Vending machineI hate vending machines unless they’re stuffed with fried potato products like in Amsterdam or a plate of curry katsu like in Japan. I am guilty of putting coins in for those bags of jalapeno cheetos, they’re so addicting. One night while leaving work I noticed a row of Cup of Noodles, chicken flavor at the bottom of the vending machine. I started to laugh. Really? Do people at work love Cup of Noodles THAT MUCH? Yes I am also guilty of buying 1, ONLY ONE, of those Cup of Noodles once. They do bring back lots of good memories and 2am snack time. But then I noticed at the top of the vending machine, canned tuna. Innnnteresting thing to have. But you know, for $3.25 you can have tuna chunks in your Cup of Noodles.

I am REALLY jealous of offices with their own cafeterias. I just got an email from a friend talking about his cafeteria offering $4 All-You-Can-Eat taco or the $6 All-You-Can-Eat Chinese food. I need to think of a plan to get my friend to invite me to have lunch at Google.

Cup of noodlesCanned tuna

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