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Silverlake, hipster town? Seems like it. I was told that this is as close to being Williamsburg as it gets. Actually I have friends from NYC and are currently living in Silverlake. The ability to walk around from bars, shops, coffee spots, and restaurants is a huge HUGE lure for people. Even I thought about moving to Silverlake.

Lamill CoffeeSo after having dim sum at Lunasia and running few errands with the family, we stopped at Lamill Coffee for a coffee and snack break. My sister is a frequent customer since she and probably tons of other people have their meetings with clients here.

It was late afternoon already but we walked into a pretty packed place. Though lucky for us a group of coffee drinkers were leaving and we were seated a moment later. I did notice, while we were standing by the door for our table, Lamill uses clover machines to make their coffee. What are clover machines and why are they so special? Check this article out for a great explanation.

We sat down and I flipped through the menu. I didn’t feel like drinking a whole cup of coffee and was still full from dim sum so I decided to get a dessert. An affogato. An affogato is ice cream with a shot of espresso pour over it. When the ice cream melts, it’ll create this wonderful creamy with a little bitterness soup. The first I had this was at the Van Leeuwen truck. I had a scoop of earl grey tea with the espresso, it was so good. Too bad I forgot to ask the waitress if I can get something besides vanilla. My sister got the passion fruit gelee which has a lychee and shiso sorbet and it was pretty good too. I can see why my sister always goes there for meetings. It was quite casual and laid back and it doesn’t hurt that the service, drinks and food were all super.

Okay I may need to go back because I just saw on their dinner section, a pork belly risotto.

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