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There were many things on my to-eat list this time around. Compare to my last trip home, which was just an extended weekend, I had to pack a lot of food trucking into 1 day. This time around I had a total of 11 days……11 days of 70 degree LA weather perfect for outdoor dining.
Buttermilk Truck
I was looking through buttermilk Truck’s schedule for the week that I was in LA. Seemed like I had to drive a long distance no matter what so I decided to go on Monday because out of the whole week they were parked the closes to me, in downtown LA near Little Tokyo. It was still a good 50min drive without traffic. But on Sunday night I wasn’t sure if I reeeeaally wanted to wake up early for the drive.

Buttermilk TruckThe next morning I woke up around 8am and left the house around 8:40am. I guess most of the people took that day off since there wasn’t any traffic. When I got to 20th St and S. Alameda I was surprised to see a tiny street with 4 taco trucks and another street vendor selling food from a table, but I’ll leave those for another post. I found the Buttermilk Truck parked in front of Forever 21’s headquarter. At 9:40 there wasn’t anyone in line except for a couple. They looked out of place and the guy was snapping photos, I guess they’re fellow food truck hunters? I walked up to the window and was quickly greeted by Gigi and Ryan. I had previously met them in NYC when they were there for their yearly trip. So it was nice to see them again!

So I had debated what to order. I wanted to try everything because I knew I wouldn’t be back for a while but I was also 1 person. I must have seen like a crazy person to them but I ordered the ginger bread pancake bites, breakfast sandwich with apple sausage with a rosemary hash brown and the Hawaiian bread sliders with Portuguese sausage. Yeah enough food for 3 people actually. When my order was ready I grabbed them and walked back to my car and ate the food on the trunk of the car. Since it was street food, eating from the trunk was proper ettiqute. While snapping photos I could smell the ginger bread pancake bites. Ugh I didn’t wanna hurry with the photos but I really wanted to eat those pancake bites ASAP.
Food on car trunk

Finally I took a bite of the bites. Oh damn….those were mighty good. Really tasty and fluffy! I could have a stack of those everyday.
Ginger bread pancake bites

Next up was the breakfast sandwich. This was the one thing I must had. Chicken apple sausage, fried egg with a runny yolk, and cheese all nicely sitting with each other between a homemade biscuit. Hello! Then add a rosemary garlic hash brown. Perfect! I have never seen hash brown like that before. It was thick as a puck but 1000 times tastier. It had just the right amount of rosemary and a real good crunch all around. For a moment I thought about sticking the hash brown into the sandwich. Was that too insane? Ryan had warned me about the runny yolk so I was careful when biting into the sandwich. If you suck while biting, you would avoid messiness 90% of the time. The sandwich was quite good. An egg, cheese with sausage in a roll is THE breakfast item I get before going to work. So to have this sandwich, Buttermilk Truck’s version was way better of course, it brought back the comforting feeling I get every time I eat the sandwich at the office before starting work.
Breakfast sandwich

And the sliders. 3 Hawaiian bread stuffed with Portuguese sausage and scrambled eggs cooked with shoyu. This was another familiar dish to me because that’s how I cooked my scrambled eggs too, with shoyu. If you been paying attention you know I love Asian bread because they tend to be on the chewy side. So I was glad when I found out that the Hawaiian bread had the same chewiness as Asian bread. Overall this was pretty damn good as well even though the eggs had a bit much of shoyu.

Once again thanks to Gigi, Ryan and the Buttermilk Truck crew for bringing awesome breakfast to people. I usually don’t eat breakfast because I get up, get coffee and just go. But if I new a gourmet truck was serving tasty breakfast I happily go and hunt some breakfast down. NYC needs a breakfast truck damit! Mrs. B I’m looking at you!

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