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5 Leaves Five Leaves, a cafe in Greenpoint sits comfortably next to the G stop on Nassau Ave and McCarren Park. I first heard of this place when it was reported that Heath Ledger was starting a restaurant in Brooklyn. But sadly he passed away before Five Leaves opened. I have to admit that I was interested in this place because of him. Though not anymore. After having brunch or lunch since they don’t do brunches, I’m glad to say that I would go back any time.

I was suppose to meet my friend, Shaina, at Five Leaves around 11:30am but somehow I ended up being 30mins early. I walked into the cafe and took a quick look it was already 80% filled. Then I took a stroll around the neighborhood and around 11:20am I walked back to the cafe to find people spilling out onto the streets. I thought…greeeaaaaattt, may need a back-up brunch spot. I walked in right behind a couple, damn! The owner was talking to the couple and told them they could wait a bit. Next to us, by the door, was a tiny tiny table with 2 chairs, I was hoping they wouldn’t get desperate and took that table. Don’t think they even bother thinking about that tiny table, helped that they were kinda too tall for that tight squeeze, so I quickly asked the owner and he gave me that table. As the minutes went by the crowd kept growing and finally the owner started to turn people away, “Ah sorry mate you missed the bus.”

Since they don’t serve brunch, don’t go looking for the usual brunch fares. Who said you can’t start the day off with oysters or house cured gravelax? But if you’re stubborn about what you have for brunch they do have ricotta pancakes and a big breakkie, 2 eggs any styles hash browns and any 2 sides. Okay okay I did end up getting the big breakkie with sauteed mushroom and grilled chorizo but I’m not the stubborn type, I’m the suckers for eggs and hash brown type. Shaina got house cured gravelax and a cup of coffee.

Not sure what coffee they served at Five Leaves but Shaina approved it. She also approved her plate of house cured gravelax. They got a plus for not assembling it for her, always the little things that matter eh?
House cured gravelax

The big breakkie 2 eggs, hash brown, toast and 2 sides. It was simply done and deeeelicious. I especially liked the thick toast.
Big breakkie

I used dislike trekking up to Williamsburg and Greenpoint but if more restaurants like Five Leaves where they serve simple, honest good food are becoming the norm I might just think about moving closer.

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